Hybrid pianos incorporate elements of an acoustic-piano and a digital piano. They are suitable for those who want the benefits of a digital piano and the experience of playing an acoustic piano. Hybrid pianos are very popular in living spaces where headphones are needed or simple the logistics of bringing in the home conventional instruments are not feasible.   

Only piano store in the Bay Area offering hybrid pianos and silent pianos. Our piano store offer services from Palo Alto to Los Altos and San Jose.


Our best-selling hybrid piano


Piano Hybrid

For some of us it is not clear what is a Hybrid_Piano. Hybrid pianos is the combination of an acoustic piano with a digital piano, or a digital piano built with some of the elements of an acoustc piano; (Such as the keyboard or the whole action).

Hybrids are ideal for those who want to enjoy the feel of an acoustic piano with the benefits of a digital piano, such as headhones, recording capabilities.